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Tiger Task Force Recommendations Awaiting Govt. Implementation: Gadgil

Senior Member on the tiger task force Madhav Gadgil said the recommendation made by task force that the management of tiger reserve should be made much more participatory and people friendly is still awaiting implementation by the Central Government. The tiger task force was formed as a part of project tiger by the Central Government.

Gadgil, who now heads MoEF’s panel on Western Ghats said: “I am not happy with the rigid regulatory approach of forest department, on which I have my reservations.”

MoEF has asked the State Government to send a proposal on declaring Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary as a Tiger Reserve.

Gadgil stated that it has to be decided by the state government as to what kind of participatory process people will be involved into.

Disagreeing to the contention that people’s presence in the Tiger Reserve would affect the habitat, Gadgil said that the example of sacred groves is the best way to prove that people’s participation can do wonders as they are not protected by government but by the people.

He also said that involving people can certainly have a positive impact but it has to be done in a balanced fashion.

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