Tik-Tok banned in Pakistan

Tik-Tok has been banned in Pakistan. In one of its orders, the Peshawar High Court has banned Chinese video sharing Tik-Tok app with immediate effect due to immoral and pornographic content. At the same time, Takid is told that the ban will continue until the officials of Tiktok talk to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority about this. Justice Kaiser Rashid Khan of the Peshawar High Court claimed that Tik-Tok is promoting indecency and obscenity. This is not the first time that this Chinese app has been banned in Pakistan. Tik-Tok was banned in October last year for the same reasons. However, it was removed only 10 days after the ban. The Chinese app had given ‘confidence’ to Pakistan that the content would be monitored according to the laws and social norms of the country. How long Pakistan could keep a ban on China’s debt up to its nose, after all.

It is important to mention here that the Indian government had banned more than 100 apps in the country, including Tik-Tok, during the digital strike on the border with China last year. All these apps were banned against the unity, integrity, and sovereignty of India. This ban on Chinese apps is still going on. The Indian government’s stance on China is clear. But the problem with Pakistan is much bigger. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan vows to friendship with China like the film duo ‘Jai-Veeru’ in front of the world. Imran, a former cricketer who considers China as his elder brother, has always remained silent on such matters. Debt is the biggest reason for locking the tongue. Apart from this, both countries talk in unison on the issue of Kashmir, there is a big reason behind it. In simple language, Imran Khan does not get tired of calling Pakistan’s economy running on the mercy of China as ‘selfless help’. They also get ‘strong support’ from China on Kashmir. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, who visited China in 2019, had said that China has always supported our national interests and asked for nothing in return. China has always helped us unconditionally. After reading this statement, one can say that it is better for Imran Khan to remain silent. In this situation, it can be said that Pakistan, which shows India by sitting on China’s lap, will soon remove the ban on Tik-Tok.

Between 2018 and 2019, the news of selling about 650 Pakistani girls to Chinese citizens on the pretext of marriage, there was a worldwide outcry. The 31 Chinese nationals arrested in this case were acquitted from a court in Faisalabad in October 2019 itself. At that time too, there were allegations on the Government of Pakistan that it was refraining from taking action under pressure from China. The fear of the Government of Pakistan is also valid in this matter. If Pakistan takes any action, it can threaten ‘friendly’ relations with China. Getting China’s support on Kashmir and also getting a loan together is the biggest need for Pakistan at this time.

The Imran government of Pakistan has been ignoring the voice of the people in front of their political and national interests for a long time. The judicial system is also forced to kneel before it. Another example of how Pakistan can fall to serve its interests is the hunting of the Houbara Bustard bird that occurs in Pakistan. Every year the government of Pakistan allows the Middle East and Gulf countries to hunt the protected Houbara Bustard bird. This has also been banned earlier, but by citing relations, the Government of Pakistan had removed the ban from hunting.

Last year too, the ban on Tik-Tok was removed after 10 days for removing unethical and obscene material. According to media reports, Pakistan is the 12th largest market in terms of using the Tik-Tok app. In the first half of 2020, Tik-Tok removed more than 6.4 million videos for violating standards. On the request of the Government of Pakistan, these videos were not removed by Tik-Tok based on their standards. However, out of the list of 40 accounts given by Pakistan, the Chinese company had paid attention to only two complaints.

Pakistan, a country that stays numb on all the big issues, how many days the fresh ban on Tik-Tok will run, will soon be known.

Saakshi Mayank

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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