Time to Unlock Full Potential of Digital Phase: Creative Corona Founder Rohit Purohit

Go digital today to reap benefits lifelong. It was the theory adopted by the 25-year-old young entrepreneur Mr. Rohit Gokul Purohit, Founder of the Mumbai-based digital marketing company ‘Creative Corona’ at a time of its launch in 2017. Keeping the importance of digital presence for everyone on his mind, Mr Purohit who started his journey with just one friendly client in 2012 made it to have 100+ clients, including celebrities & brands, in 2020.

Mr. Rohit Gokul Purohit, Founder ‘Creative Corona’

Talking about the Creative Corona and its services, Mr. Rohit Purohit said, “In the year 2017, earlier know as Gear of Future, the firm was rebranded as Creative Corona with addon services & associations as the firm placed out of Mumbai. The services, include branding, campaigning, promotion, public relations, content creation, digital profiling, SM management Youtube video promotion, Google ad campaign, digital political campaigns, online marketing consultation etc. We have curated 100+ events till date.

What sets us apart from the fellow competitors is, our experience, nuance & seamless project execution in the said field. Besides, we provide 24×7 client support and free consultation for our clients.”

Mr. Rohit Purohit while sharing about his journey said, “The journey was really fantastic from 2012 to 2020. I aggressively worked on digital networks and expansion towards the entertainment industry as well as the corporate world. Now we are about to announce a music label under the name Loudbee Music in 2021. I love music since my childhood. Besides, I am working with the mainstream musicians of country, so I decided to support all talented lads who can showcase their talent. We will be providing platform to them.”

The humble name behind several successful outings on various online platforms. Mr. Rohit Purohit has jolted around in aggrandising online visibility is ceremonious, to name a few – Hema Malini, Sharad Kelkar, Universal Music, Late Labh Janjua, DJ Kiran Kamath, DJ Shadow (Dubai), Mustafa Zahid, Mudassar Khan, Hina Khan, Monali Thakur and the list goes on. Hearing it from the horses mouth itself he suggests brands encourage social distancing in their ads by emphasising hygienic practices.

Rohit Purohit & Hema Malini

“There have been clear changes to supply and demand online. The product market fit has also been modified for almost every category on some level due to the ripple effect of COVID-19. Because of this, agencies are going to have to look at themselves and their clients through the newer lenses. If you are a digital marketer, now is the time to switch lanes. If you are a business, do not cut down on digital marketing activities; accelerate them and keep in mind shifting trends,” said Mr. Purohit.

The maverick who holds a BCA degree has pulled off sporting leagues like Kumite 1, getting boxing luminary like Mike Tyson to India to managing prolific accounts of Muhammad Azharuddin, Kapil Dev to name a few. Mr. Rohit fore sees a whirlwind in the sports industry too. The game changing arrives as the Gen Z’s low dependence on traditional search trends, that is they do not plod away anymore with SEO etc. What the current generation needs is information, so Google is focusing more on structured data and visual search snippets.

With the successful businessman, Mr Rohit Purohit is a man with golden heart. During the pandemic phase, he undertook the responsibility of helping various migrant workers to their abode. He rendered support to various cow shelters in Rajasthan which were ill-affected due to the lockdown. Financial aid was provided to those in dire need.

With proficiency of over a decade in the ever-evolving digital industry Mr. Rohit’s insight & take on the post Corona world is worth the dime. He further claims that tomorrow, when the world recovers, online vertex & aspects will be the first choice of buyers. While Facebook predominates, do not ignore WhatsApp as a powerful social marketing tool. Make that shift now to more concentrated digital profiling and social media activities with a humane and social accent. COVID-19 almost seems unreal due to the magnitude of impact it has had on the world, but we will get through it and come out stronger.

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