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Timely Truck Arrival Saves Girl

 A minor girl had a providential escape from being abducted due to the timely arrival of a truck at the scene at Saligao Pilerne on Saturday night.
The young girl along with her uncle had gone to the gas agency outlet to get a refill for their cylinder. As the shop was not open, the duo waited there till dark as very often the outlet is opened after 7:30 pm.

As the two were waiting for the staff, at around 8 pm, a taxi with four Indian tourists stopped at the junction and the visitors engaged the uncle in getting instructions. As the uncle was busy replying to the queries, one of the tourists grabbed the young girl and tried to drag her into the vehicle.
Fortunately, as the girl struggled, a truck arrived on the scene and the tourists fled in their taxi. The registration number of the vehicle could not be noted as the number plates were removed.

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