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TKKA? To Be Screened At Addis Film Fete


Konkani film Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo? will be screened at the Addis International Film Festival 2011 on 24th June at the Gullele Sub-City Youth Centre cinema hall.

Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo? was amongst the 1000 films submitted for the Addis International Film Festival.

Some of the other films to be screened at this festival are: Water First   by Amy Hart and No One Bothered  by Josephine Boxwell both from the United Kingdom, Woman in White by Gry Winther from Cuba, The Trial  by Joan Robinson from Australia, The Wages of Debt  by Jean Pierre Carlon from France, The Son of the Sea  by Roberto Aznar  from Spain, The New South of Italy by  Pino Esposito  from Italy, The 10 Conditions of Love  by Jeff Daniels from China, Second Chance by Busang Motsumi  and Shike Olsen from South Africa and Presumed Guilt  by Roberto Hernandez and Geoffry Smith  from Mexico.

Directed by Sharon Mazarello, this Shamaz Films’ production is the first Konkani film to be screened at this festival though it is the second Konkani film to be screened at an international film festival.

The first Konkani film to be screened at an international film festival was Laxmikant Shetgaonkar’s Paltadacho Munis which won the International Film Critics Federation prize for discovery at the Toronto Film Festival 2009 and later on went to pick up the Best Narrative Feature award at the 8th Annual Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles.


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