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TMC’s anti-democratic ways have angered people: Modi

Bankura, May 9 (GCCurrentAffairs) PrimeMinister Narendra Modi on Thursday hit out at Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, saying TMC’s ‘anti-democratic’ ways have angered the people of West Bengal.

Addressing a public meeting here, he said:“I am not worried about Mamata Banerjee’s anger towards me because I have the support of 135 crore people of this country. However, she should be afraid of the people of West Bengal as they are angry at her about the chit fund scam and worried about the harassment that women face in the state.”

“Look at the kind of language that people are using against me. Mamata Banerjee doesn’t know that I have have become used to it (abuse). They have no problem in abusing their Prime Minister, instead they are happy praising Prime Minister of Pakistan,” the Prime Minister said.

“Didi desh ke samvidhaan ka apmaan kar rahi hain. Woh keh rahi hain ki desh ke pradhan mantri ko pradhan mantri maanne ke liye tayar nahi hain lekin unko Pakistan ke PM ko PM maanne mein gaurav ka anubhaav hota hai.(Didi is insulting the Constitution of the country. She says, she does not recognise the prime minister of India as its prime minister. But, she takes pride in accepting the prime minster of Pakistan as the premier of Pakistan),” he alleged.

“TMC’s anti-democratic ways have angered people. No wonder people are blessing BJP,” the Prime Minister commented.

“When cyclone hit West Bengal, I called ‘didi’ again & again, but because of her ego, she didn’t think it was appropriate to talk to the Prime Minister,”he said.

“Central Government wanted to talk with the officers here and help the state, but ‘didi’ refused to even hold that meeting,” Mr Modi alleged.

He said this is a betrayal of the people’s trust and this is going to be the reason for Banerjee’s loss in the Lok Sabha polls.

“I have been told that TMC has made every possible effort to make sure that BJP isn’t able to hold a single rally here. Mamata Banerjee first destroyed West Bengal for the sake of her politics, now she is destroying the state to keep her seat,” Mr Modi alleged.

Via UNI-India

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