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TMC’s real ‘Khela’ has begun: Deadly violence unleashed against BJP workers

With the All India Trinamool Congress emerging victorious for the third time in a row in West Bengal; its political opponents now face dire threat of life- they are being attacked, thrashed, killed and intimidated but who will listen to their shrieks? All across Bengal, BJP and ABVP karyakartas are huddled inside their houses with death looming over their heads at the very minute you are reading this

On the 3rd of May, just after a day the State Assembly election results of West Bengal were announced and when TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee is all set to become the CM of the State with her oath- taking ceremony to be held on 5th May, GoaChronicle got the insight of what ‘Khela’ or game Mamata Banerjee was talking about in real. A ‘khela’ of bloodbath and death is being played in West Bengal with the Police being hand in glove with TMC workers or hooligans as they should be called. With TMC’s hattrick, the lives of hundreds of BJP and ABVP karyakartas are under grave danger; Mamata’s ‘khela’ is being proven detrimental to their very existence.

On the 3rd, team GoaChronicle got in touch with an ABVP volunteer from Kolkata. When asked about the violence which is being unleashed by Mamata’s party workers, this is what he said, “All the BJP karyakartas from every area across West Bengal, irrespective of the loss or victory of BJP from that place, are being pulled out of their houses by TMC’s goons and are being beaten up. They are being pulled by the hair and dragged out of their homes. Major violence is being unleashed in all the Muslim- majority areas against the Hindus who had supported the BJP. Their homes and shops are being set on fire. We have heard of Kashmir and the current situation in West Bengal is the same. The BJP workers are running helter- skelter to save their lives. Nobody knows where another person is. Nobody is to be found in their homes”.

He went on to narrate the ordeal of the BJP karyakartas and Hindus supportive of the party, “Individuals are not receiving calls because they are not sure who would be on the other end. It is an emergency here. Whole of West Bengal has been set on fire by these people. And whatever is happening in the Muslim- majority areas, I do not know if such things might have ever happened in even Pakistan or Bangladesh! The TMC goons had begun with these dangerous deeds of theirs in the afternoon yesterday and the violence still continues. The Karyakartas who had worked for the BJP at the ground level have absolutely zero security to protect themselves. And when they make calls to the Police stations, their pleas are falling on deaf ears and the Police is a meek spectator. Even the Police personnel are in connivance with the TMC authorities and workers. Nobody is able to help anyone. Even the Karyakartas’ leaders from BJP and ABVP are running from pillar to post to stay safe”.

“TMC goons had entered my own house and had asked my parents about my whereabouts. I am away from home; if I go there, I’ll be killed as well. ABVP’s West Bengal State Office is in Maniktala, Kolkata, yesterday, our State Organizing Secretary, Zonal Organizing Secretary and even the National Joint Organizing Secretary were present at the Karyalaya. Out of nowhere, 20-25 hooligans of the TMC entered the office, yielding weapons and attacked the officials. The State Office has now been shut down. No one of us knows about where somebody else is. Until now, 3-4 BJP karyakartas have been killed”. He further revealed.

Next, we spoke with a female karyakarta of BJP from Tarakeswar, she divulged, “We are being tortured to the extremes. TMC’s workers have vandalized every BJP karyakarta’s house here and set them ablaze. We women were called and threatened to be raped and murdered. I told them that this is not way out but they said that as we were ‘flying in the air’, punishment is a must. Everyone has run away from their homes. 7-8 people have taken shelter at my place too. Many from Tarakeswar have run to Bashirhat. While we were returning from the counting booth at Chandannagar yester night, 6-6 goons intimidated us. They were firing guns too. Bombs were hurled at homes too. All these goons live in localities nearby. I had called Swapan Das Gupta (BJP MP) sir, yesterday in the morning. I did not reveal the circumstances here as he has his own problems right now, he would have become even tenser. He had even told me that he was to visit Tarakeswar today, but I later told him not to come as the situation was not good at all. Even he could have been attacked”.

She went further with her predicament, “The Police are not bothered at all. Although I have no one to call family, other BJP karyakartas are family members are not being spared too, they are all being troubled. A Karyakarta’s mother was brutally tortured. Everyone in Tarakeswar is in deep trouble. We do not know where we should go now. Please help us to protect ourselves. Please convey information about our circumstances to the authorities higher up. We need help. We can’t rely on Swapan sir as he has lost the election too. Even he is in danger. What is bound to happen is that all of us have to move out of West Bengal; this has started. Since the time TMC’s victory was conspicuous, the torture against us hasn’t stopped and knows no bounds. Karyakartas’ shops and homes are being vandalized and set ablaze. Their parents are being persecuted. We are facing grave risk of life. Please, help us. We need your help”.

She ended by saying, “We need help or else they will kill us. We will be shot dead. They have said they will kill us”.

Sonakshi Datta

Goa Chronicle

Pushkar Joshi

Goa Chronicle

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