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TMC’s real ‘Khela’: The Game of Bloodshed

Team GoaChronicle continues to bring out the voices of the victims of the bloody political game of Mamata Banerjee; who are imploring others to listen to their ghastly experiences and about the horrific fact of them living under a constant threat of losing their lives in the most cold- blooded of manners. Their ordeal doesn’t appear to come to an easy end sooner or later, they stand all alone, bereft of any support or strength.

On 4th May, we spoke with a BJYM (Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha- Youth Wing of the Bharatiya Janta Party) karyakarta from Tarakeswar, West Bengal, narrating his spine- chilling predicament, he revealed, “TMC goons have destroyed Tarakeswar in totality. They are entering every single BJP karyakarta’s house vandalizing and looting them, and later setting them on fire. The family members of the karyakartas are being beaten black and blue. Our existence is difficult. No karyakarta is to be found in his house. 2000-2500 BJP karyakartas from Tarakeswar have been rendered homeless. Their houses have been razed to the ground. This is a Tandava. The Police personnel are not even batting an eyelid. They have turned into mute spectators. TMC goons are doing their evil deeds right in front of the Police personnel’s eyes. I am on the verge of crying while I talk to you. We do not have an iota of idea about what should we do now”!

“I owned a fruit shop at the Tarakeswar Bus Stand; it has been reduced to rubble by the TMC hooligans. They have burnt down my godown. They have looted items worth lakhs of rupees. They have looted around 2.5 lakh from one of my friends’ shop. They are entering our houses and are looting jewellery, cash and even television sets. They have turned into dacoits; not letting a single thing stay at our places. A 4 months pregnant woman, who is the wife of one of our karyakartas from ward no.12 of Tarakeswar was also not spared and was beaten and tortured in cold blood. My own house was set on fire. My old mother is currently there, injured. I am terrified. I am father to a 5 month old daughter. 9 of us family members used to live together, now, Maa is all alone there. All others had to escape. We do not even know where the other person is”, continued the petrified BJYM karyakarta.

He continued, “People are not even able to move out of the places they have taken shelter at. Many of our people are still stuck at Tarakeswar but we are unable to bring them away, if we try to go back, they will kill us and those people who we try to rescue. I am at my friend’s home, away from Tarakeswar. Tarakeswar is finished. Bombs are being hurled; guns are being fired in broad daylight, right under the gaze of the police. I do not know what West Bengal will soon end up being, please save our lives”.

When asked about the role of the senior BJP leaders, he stated, “No senior leader is ready to take some step. Many just went away straight from the counting booths on the 2nd after they knew their defeat was inevitable. They didn’t even bother about the fact that how would the karyakartas who were present at the booths return to their homes. Netas like JP Nadda ji are busy giving speeches; no real work is being done for us. We, at BJYM are ready to retaliate and fight back, we are ready to die. But for that too, we need an assurance from our leaders that even if we die, they will stand by and protect our families. Even we can fight back, but what will be our families’ fates if we die? And even if we don’t, the police would slap us with hundreds of cases. I currently have 12 cases registered in my name; I’ve been to jail. But who will help me now if the same happens this time? How do we retaliate? Nobody has our backs. We know what dealing with false cases is. Without having done any wrong, we have seen cases of IPC 302 being registered in our names. We know what meaning such things hold. Nobody will stand by us in times like these”.

“All we want is President’s rule to be imposed in Bengal. This is the only solution to what Mamata is doing. Otherwise, nothing will make a difference and nobody will stay alive. Money won’t secure our future. Even if it did, the Central Government would not be able to help us financially. If President’s rule is not put in place, not a single karyakarta will be able to enter their homes again. We will have to spend the rest of our lives away from home. They have destroyed even my source of income. We are ground level workers; we have no idea about what the Centre intends to do. There is no way out. This destruction has become a daily affair since the afternoon of 2nd May. These goons are not even sleeping in the nights, the atrocities then increase manifold. No woman is being spared. They are being called and harassed. They are being molested, raped. They are being threatened of being beaten naked on the streets!” the karyakarta stated.

He also said, “We aren’t even being able to pick calls from unknown numbers. TMC goons are threatening us over calls and if we answer them back, they reach our homes and beat our family members. Yesterday, when my house was being vandalized, some of our neighbours tried to stifle them, even they were thrashed badly. Even the neighbours are not being able to come forward in fear. Everyone is helpless.

He also talked about the doubts he had over the election result, “We are not able to believe things. Every BJP worker was assured that our party will emerge victorious. Nobody knows why and how this happened. Even the common people who have no relation with politics are shocked. They were relaxed thinking BJP is coming to power. There is some foul- play. Mamata loses but her party wins, this has confused everyone. In Hooghly district, we were absolutely sure about winning at least 13-14 seats; we couldn’t do so. We are all baffled. Wards which didn’t have TMC’s workers to raise their flags were found to have received huge number of votes for the party. We had worked on the ground- level, we had worked hard. Still, this unfortunate situation has arisen. Each house of each karyakarta is being targeted every single day. No one is being spared after one attack. The persecution is never- ending. 24 houses have been looted and burnt down today alone. We are surviving drinking water but we can’t move out to buy food since 2nd May”.

On the morning of 5th May, we contacted the BJYM volunteer in the morning to get an insight into the scenario. He said, “Nothing has stopped. At night, bombing took place. Houses were thrown bombs at. I have received information that goons have gathered once again. They will begin with their game of death once the swearing- in ceremony ends. Isn’t the reality of our problems reaching the higher- ups? Not a single karyakarta will be able to enter his home. What will these boys eat? Where will they go? How were the EVM machines charged at 95-99% levels after the counting? There is some trick at play. Why can’t President’s rule be implemented even after such havoc? Why isn’t the PM bothered? Why are they playing with the lives of people? It feels as if it was our fault to support BJP. If the BJP which is at the Centre can’t protect us, imagine how much power Mamata yields. How does she have so much of a backing? Why do such horrible things happen only in West Bengal? There are innumerable regional parties in the nation! The police have turned spineless. The goons are buying time from the police to cause destruction and they are telling them to take as much time as they want and that they are free to do it all”.

Sonakshi Datta

Goa Chronicle

Pushkar Joshi

Goa Chronicle

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