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To demolish falsehoods being spread on Modinomics: Sanju Verma

Besides being a firebrand, articulate and knowledgable spokesperson on economic issues for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), she also a  successful woman entrepreneur with focus of the capital markets and now an author of the most talked about book this election season ’Truth and Dare – The Modi Dynamic’. Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Savio Rodrigues in conversation with the first-time author Sanju Verma…

GoaChronicle (GC): What prompted you to the write the book ’Truth and Dare – The Modi Dynamics’?
Sanju Verma (SV): The decision to write the book was based on two imperatives:

a. To ensure that the phenomenal work done by Prime Minister Narendra Modi led government is conveyed to every nook and cranny of the country and beyond Indian shores. I wanted people to learn about the nuances of Modinomics.
b. To demolish the falsehoods being spread on Modinomics by opposition leaders, biased media, left liberal ecosystem of activists and writers, who have poor knowledge of economic and have indulged in the crass propaganda.

GC: What is the objective of writing ’Truth and Dare – The Modi Dynamic’?
SV: This book is the first book to capture the post Pulwama response of the iron-willed Modi-led government. The objective is not to simply convey the message of Modinomics to the current generation or the millennials and Neo-Millennials but to ensure that their is a comprehensive book that captures all the achievements of the Modi government in all its glory; which posterity can refer to and learn from. Someone had to tell the motivating tale of Modinomics, which is a model that is both unique and revolutionary in its approach and I decided, that someone had to be me – as I am an economist and an ardent admirer of Modi’s ability to transform vision into reality.

GC: Who is the audience you aim to target with your book ’Truth and Dare – The Modi Dynamic’?
SV: The target audience is not just book lovers or colleges and universities which should take lessons on a governance based development model which Modinomics espouses but, every Indian citizen at home and abroad who takes pride in the idea of a progressive and transformative India.

This book also traces the meteoric rise of BJP as the largest political organisation in the world under the invincible Amit Shah and to that extent therefore, the book is a classic case study for those who love contemporary socio-political issues and themes that have the ability to bring about change for the better.

In short, even someone miles away with little to do with India can identify with the inspirational paradigm shift that the Modi-Shah duo have ushered in, with respect to deliverables and good governance. This is a basic aspiration in any democratic society.

GC: Your book has portions criticising Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Mamata Banerjee. Could you tell the people of India why you chose to bring them into the book?

SV: The reason for writing about them is to showcase how under the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty,India has suffered many lost decades. For instance, while it has taken us just a few years to leap frog from a 2 trillion dollar to almost a 3 trillion dollar economy in terms of nominal GDP, having overtaken France in 2018 and set to overthrow Great Britain from the 5th position in 2019, it took us almost 60 painfully long years to become a trillion dollar economy and the reason is very simple – Nehruvian Socialism allowed us to be chained to ideas that were so outdated and the ridiculous bit is, Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi are still chained to the poor Nehruvian legacy.

As for Mamata, I have showcased with hard data, how West Bengal under her, has moved from bad to worse in terms of communal violence and why she can never ever be the Prime Minister, given her fascist display of political goondaism, that she has chosen to be associated with.The political section of the book would have been incomplete without giving readers a well rounded view of the various factors that are at work, in the current political structure and why the so called Mahagathbandhan is just a dreadful hoax and nothing more.


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