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To one poet from another poet – I bid adieu to you Atalji!

On your travel to the heavenly abode
Leave behind your blessings on our people
Let them learn from the life you strode
Success comes to those who are humble

You never sought glory
You never sought fame
You did your best for India
You did it to uphold Bharat Mata’s name

Some people criticised you
Some people wanted to cast your legacy away
You did what the nation wanted you to do
From your mission you did not sway

India is diverse in thought and belief
As a leader some decisions were tough to make
You may not have pleased a few, but many got relief
Every decision taken, was for India’s sake

Some political leaders demand a legacy
Some dynastic legacies force a political position
You just wanted to serve our country
India Shining for the world to see, was your mission

I never had to opportunity to meetwith you
Yet your life and its lessons are an open book
There is so much for India that we as Indians must do
To be inspired, at you is all we have to look

Rest in peace Atalji!
BharatMata Ki Jai!

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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