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Together For Margao Demands People’s Sabhas

Concerned citizens of Margao coming together under the banner of Together for Margao have demanded that the Margao Municipal Council has “people’s sabhas” on the lines of gram sabhas held in panchayat.
The citizens lamented that officials of the MMC are not allowed to work properly due to constant transfers and stressed the need to support officials in their endeavour to clean the city and also demanded that officials have a fixed tenure to enable them to carry out any programme planned by them.

Together for Margao while admitting that citizens can attend the council meeting pointed out that they cannot participate in them and hence demanded “people’s sabhas” where the citizens can discuss issues with their elected councilors in the presence of officials.
Together for Margao President Vinayak Mordekar said the organisation’s first programme was to get the authorities to remove all the old and unused electricity and telephone poles along with the debris strewn around the city.
They also pointed out that the leaking pipes in Borda have not been attended to for months only because the Collector’s office has not given the permission to dig the road to carry out the repair works.

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