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ToolKitGang – How Dare You!

Environment concern is one thing everyone must think and take initiative irrespective of his/her nationality, religion, gender, profession, caste, creed, race, and other differences and force its government to act upon. The reason is not that difficult. Environment of the entire earth affects us irrespective of where we live, and we cannot think that an earthquake in Japan will not affect Indonesia and ice-melting in Antarctica won’t affect Asian subcontinent. It is all interrelated and that gravity is at such a level that when Greta Thunberg, a 13-year school dropout from Sweden speaks at world forum, entire humanity listens to her and the top leaders from different countries were forced to answer to her famous dialogue, ‘How dare you!’.

However, the problem starts when you aa a common citizen start believing in such a novel cause with an expectation for a better world. Greta Thunberg became a mass influencer through her thought-provoking speeches and people look at her when she takes a stand.

On a completely different part of the world, India a nation with over one sixth of whole human population brought agriculture reforms. This is probably the best reforms it brought in agriculture sector in past 70 years to increase the status of farmers and to upgrade their living condition. Another factor of this reform was environmental in nature. Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India is known for his pro-environmental stance and have taken various steps in different sectors to support the cause of global environment. Through this agriculture reforms, Narendra Modi led government tried to provide different methods of farming, restrict excessive use of groundwater, and stop stubble burning. Farmers especially from Punjab and Haryana often grow rice and wheat. This is mostly due to the government sanctioning high amount of MSP on the said crops. These crops not only take more ground water, but farmers often use pesticides and fertilizers. This isn’t only bad for environment but also for health. Hundreds of people die in various districts of Punjab and Haryana due to carcinogenic pesticides and fertilizers.  Apart from this, Modi govt through the farm reforms have put an absolute ban on stubble burning. Earlier farmers used to burn stubble after every season to avoid cost, however it had severe affect on the environment and health.

Every year, thousands of kids in Delhi-NCR contract Asthma and other respiratory illnesses due to this. Farmers mostly from Punjab are protesting at the borders of Delhi since past 3 months and have started seeking international support to garner support for their cause which is wrong prima facie since this is an internal matter of India and no foreigner could and should get involved in something which has been enacted by the Indian parliament. However, protestors went ahead and sought support of politicians and influencers of foreign countries including pop singer Rihana, porn star Mia Khalifa and Niece of Vice President of United States- Meena Harris however the most shocking name appeared was of the famous environmentalist Greta Thunberg. Greta Thunberg by now is not only a Swedish school dropout but has become a name for environment protection in the world. She runs an organisation named Fridays For Future (FFF) and have various chapters in many countries including its Indian chapter with an alleged aim to protect the environment. However, her support to the protesters came as surprise since protestors are protesting everything Greta had ever protested. Nevertheless, the support grew, and more celebrities started supporting the movement. Then came the Republic Day of India on 26th January where we saw things we must never see again. Thousands of rioters in the name of protests through tractor rally put National capital on ransom and India along with the entire world witnessed for the first time that a foreign flag has been hosted on Red fort in place of the National flag.

This National shame came first time since independence. During the riot, public properties were also damaged, and various police officials were injured. Post 26th, police and paramilitary forces came into force and vacated the borders. Police have just started the investigation when Greta Thunderbird shared a toolkit on microblogging site Twitter and deleted it after some time. Later, she again shared the modified toolkit however people on Twitter including police have already seen the toolkit. After Greta deleted the tweet, people witnessed the toolkit getting edited and have recorded the same. Toolkit included how to proceed with the protests farm laws on social media, whom to promote, who to use for influence and what to propagate. A complete detailed plan also included the motive to ruin India’s Tea and Yoga image which shows the malice intention. Greta through her mistake have uncovered a big racket which was being used to destabilize India. Delhi police recently arrested Disha Ravi, the founding member of FFF’s India chapter and came to know that she was the one editing the tool kit and was involved in destabilizing the nation. A full scam came at full stop. Had the Greta not made the mistake, we would not have come to know about the agenda at all. Even now, the leftist lobby is working hard to save Disha by talking about everything but her crime. They are projecting her single mother, her age which is 22, her gender, her diet which is vegan and her dog to project her good image and generate sympathy. However, they are least bothered and not at all talking about her toolkit she was editing, the toolkit she has shared, the social media groups she deleted due to apprehension of getting caught and the acts which is not only illegal but amount to sedition.

With the whole TookKitGang, one thing is clear that even the environmentalist is working as stooges for those who pay them in dollars/pounds or provide them space. I am not sure where this will lead us to, but I’m sure that India will emerge victorious at the end.

Author: Adv. Shashank Shekhar Jha
Legal Editor,

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