Top 5 indoor plants for practically improving air quality in your home or office!

With suffocating air pollution in our towns, it is becoming increasingly popular to keep indoor plants that have remarkable properties for improving the air quality of our living spaces. 


Why do we even need to bring this up?

Most of the deadliest diseases have their roots in breathing toxic air that contain carcinogenic compounds that slowly deteriorates the cellular structures within our bodies and weakening our immune systems making us fall prey to fatality. But practically speaking is there a way to tackle this problem at the onset of it becoming beyond our control?

Yes! Enter in the top 5 indoor air purifying plants.

Take for example the popular aloe plant that is found in most households is commonly used to treat all kinds of skin disorders but also has remarkable air purifying properties. Typically it helps purify air of dangerous carbon monoxide levels that has increased even in our semi urbanized environment in Goa. 

Second plant on our list is the Spider plant that is also very popular as a decorative plant that has a great air purifying properties and has been NASA approved to work even in outer space!

Third on our list is the ever popular Money plant, is arguably the most popular of them all is not only famous for its medicinal properties like healing cuts and wounds but this evergreen is also very effective in getting rid of formaldehyde, the common chemical found in exhaust fumes.  So a very effective way to tackle vehicular pollution in the city.

Number four is the Snake plant also known as ‘mother in law’s tongue’ is also a popular air purifying plant and requires very little maintenance and water.

And finally, number five we have the  Bamboo palm that tops the list of plants best for filtering out both benzene and trichloroethylene, both dangerous chemicals found in air we breathe at home.


So what are some of the steps you can take to enjoy the tangible benefits of these amazing natural air purifiers?

Firstly, be sure to contact your local nursery to find out if they stock these plants and then once you do, all you need is to find them a new home- your living room or kitchen window sill perhaps!

If you want to get really fancy and make a design statement, opt for a chic vertical garden system where all these plants can be beautifully stacked up or arranged in a beautiful pattern complimenting your decor.

At the office, you can choose to keep one of these at your desk to improve not only the ambience but also the quality of the re-circulated air coming out of the air- conditioning.

‘NatureWall’ is one such brand of vertical gardening systems that is gaining popularity because of its light weight modular design and easy installation process in hobby kit form. So anyone on a budget who wishes to install one of these at their homes can do so conveniently as a DIY project! 

So what are you waiting for? Get going, choose to protect your family and workspace with indoor air purification plants and do it in style with either a vertical wall, a pot or simply in a vase as in the case of a ‘money plant’ creeper. Might just bring you some good fortune too.  After all, ‘health is wealth indeed!’ 



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