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Total RTE Implementation In Three Years

The Goa government is apparently all set to implement the Right to Education in toto in three years given the fact that the Education Department is in the process of issuing a circular to all the recognized schools in the State to set the infrastructure in place in three years.
Director of Education Celsa Pinto revealed that the circular will be issued in a couple of days asking all the schools to put in place the entire infrastructure required to implement the Right To Education Act.

While the Education Department will upgrade the government schools to meet the requirements, private schools including the aided ones, will have to raise their own resources. Pinto however, did indicate that the Department may come out with schemes to help the aided schools to provide the infrastructure.
The first phase of implementing RTE with regards to the “no detention” has met with opposition from managements and headmasters primarily because the Education Department slept over the issue and issued the circular only after the schools had declared the results.
Besides, the medium of instruction has raised a hornet’s nest in Goa and the other phases of RTE are also going to be quite controversial particularly whole day school and recreation facilities.
Under the RTE classes will have to be conducted the whole day so that students do not carry any home work. This is aimed primarily to curb the practice of sending children for tuition classes.
However, in Goa, in many schools, classes for one section maybe the primary or the secondary are held in the morning while classes for the other section are held in the same premises in the afternoon. These schools will have to erect additional premises now to cope with the provisions of RTE.
Similarly, the RTE provides for specific recreational facilities like playground. In Goa many schools do not have a proper playground for the students, and these schools will have a trying time to meet the requirements under the RTE.

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