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Tourism Minister Matanhy Saldanha dies of heart attack

Known for his passion in saving wanting to keep Goa clean, green and progressive, newly elected Tourism Minister of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the government passed away at 2am this morning after he suffered a heart-attack.

The sixty-four year old politician and Cortalim MLA suffered the attack at home and he was rushed to a private hospital.

The Chief Minister offered his condolences to the grieved family and the assembly session is also likely to be postponed to next Monday following this untimely demise.

Saldanha was known to be a man loved by many for his no-bargain approach towards protecting the environment and the true identity of the people of Goa. As an activist he has raised many issues and also stood up vehemently against the RP 2021 which is considered to be a monster created by the former Congress-led government to help their real estate lobby friends.

One of his most memorable statements in the last few days has been, “If people want to convert Goa to Singapore then they should go and live in Singapore.”

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