Tourism officials in US to promote Goa


Goa tourism officials recently visited the US-state of California to present the potential of Goa as a tourism destination to a group of over 100 travel agents in a bid to increase the tourist flow from US states to Goa.
“We have plenty of experiences to offer, it’s not just one single experience. Goa has been known for its hospitable people, and their knowledge of English is very good,” Swapnil Naik, director of Goa’s Department of Tourism, told
During a 30-minute slide presentation, Naik promoted the big picture that is Goa, including its history, culture, architecture, geographic landscape, economy and unique tourist hot spots. In all, he explained, Goa is a year-round destination.

Among the highlights of his slide show presentation was Goa’s interior, where adventurous tourists could enjoy scenic wildlife, waterfalls and other natural beauty in the state’s jungles and rivers. Key attractions aside from Goa’s beaches include migratory birds, foxes, parrots, kingfishers, temples, and several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.
“We are a popular beach destination, but there various other parts of Goa,” Naik stated, pointing out the vast destinations within the state that tourists could visit, such as the Dudhsagar Waterfalls and Manovi river cruises.
Goa also offers various cultural festivals, such as the annually celebrated Goan Carnival, which are just as much a tourism draw as its beaches.
Also attending the presentation was state Minister of Tourism Nilkanth Halarnkar. The event was coordinated by Alpha Holidays Pvt Ltd. in Goa in conjunction with Redefine Vacations. The delegation also planned to make similar presentations in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Las Vegas, Nevada.
In addition to the presentation of tourist destinations within Goa, a traditional Goan dinner was served and a four-person dance troupe performed a few routines.


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