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Tourist Taxi Owners to oppose Govt proposed Digital Meters

Tourist Taxi Owners across the state threaten to block the process of Digital Meters and Global Positioning System (GPS) devices which the government plans to install into taxis.

Government intent to take this stand comes on account of the numerous complaints over the years of the questionable pricing and fleecing of tourists and local passengers by the local taxi drivers.

This move of the government will draw a lot of criticism from the local taxi owners, mainly because the taxi operations in the state over the years have been functioning in an organised mafia format, with each taxi zone in the state having their own dominance on the local business. But the people and tourists will welcome the decision of the government because it ensures fair-play,” expressed a senior bureaucrat on the government decision.

Question however that is doing the rounds is whether the government would be able to withstand the agitation of the taxi owners and their political godfathers who have allowed them to function for many years in this format.


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