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Towards a Better Goa!

Fourteen months ago an idea germinated in our minds over a coffee at Café Coffee Day; at that coffee table were two unseen forces of GoaChronicle.com besides me; our tech wiz Agraj and our marketing wiz Myrtle. We were toying about many ideas on what to do in the online sphere to connect the people of Goa with the rest of the globe. That’s where the idea of GoaChronicle.com was born and on August 13, 2010, we were online.

We always wanted to be a news portal from Goa with a difference; a portal that could reach out the local and global market as well; a portal that could be the voice of reason and action. But most of all a media company with a mission ‘Towards a Better Goa’. Later on more like minded people were added to our team.

GoaChronicle.com today is about the team many might know personally such as our editor Julio; but there is also a team of unknown journalists moving around in Goa feeding us with information and trying to bring about a change in Goa. This is our shadow team whose works must get the most credit.

Our team in Delhi and Mumbai too forms pillars to our connections with many authorities at the Centre. But it is our team in Dubai, Canada, London and Australia that help us get connected to a larger audience through their network.

So far we are viewed in over 87 countries globally on a daily basis. In India we are viewed in over 69 cities. We do an average of 47,000 hits per day; and so far since we launched we have crossed over 8 million hits.

Along the way we have received many supporters and a few critics. But it has helped us grow to become much more determined and aggressive in our kind of journalism.

Our mission ‘Towards a Better Goa’ is aimed at going beyond just being a media company; we want to be ‘change managers’ and not only report but put action to our words. And we have tried in our little way to do our bit.

More needs to done and in our mission we look forward to all our Goans across to come together to make Goa a better place and make our country India a better place.

Our recent expose on the Black Money stashed by Indians and some Goans in Swiss Banks is shocking. We were shocked about it when we got know about it from our sources in the Enforcement Directorate.

It is a disappointing to know and learn that our hard-earned tax-payers’ money is lying somewhere in the bank accounts of corrupt politicians and businessmen in Swiss Banks; when still a lot of India is below the poverty line. I do not see the government at the Centre or the politicians from Opposition parties doing anything about it since all of them are in the same soup. And it will be a case of ‘I scratch your back’ and ‘You scratch my back’.

But will the people of India and Goa (in particular) do something about it? We have 23 politicians. Two of whom were Chief Ministers of Goa; 6 are in the current Cabinet of the Goa Legislative Assembly and 13 are former ministers.

I have long ago given up on the excitement of putting an expose up first, because getting eye-balls to the story means nothing, unless people do something about it, since the government is not going to do anything about it.

Let’s take the Nilesh Gaonkar case, till today the police authorities or the government have not been able to apprehend his attackers. Even our complaint to the National Human Rights Commission of India has fell on deaf ears as this government has not even replied to the two notices issued by the NHRC. NHRC will of course now do its own investigations into the case. But what happens to Nilesh Gaonkar who has been without a job for the last five-months?

Even the Cipriano case of police brutality is being dragged from pillar to post, only because the politicians and bureaucrats know that the people of Goa or their political support will make noise for some time and then automatically keep quite.

Take the Medium of Instruction (MoI) issue, for example, it has become so political, the politicians will gain brownie points in the upcoming elections but the ones to suffer will be our children.

And the most shocking of all is the fact that government officials are now claiming that the Adarsh Building burning was due to a natural calamity, which means that the two tribal youth who were beaten up and burnt died on account of an act of nature. And we the people of Goa are supposed to accept this nonsense, day-in and day-out.

Goa is not gone as many people keep saying. But it will surely go, if the people continue to remain mute spectators.

Our current lot of politicians, starting with our Chief Minister need to change; everything wrong in Goa stems from the fact that as a CM, he is spineless and only dances to the tunes of the ‘Goondas’ in his Cabinet. And with him we need a new change in the Opposition party leader Manohar Parrikar, we are in this position because he and his team cannot take the fight to the corrupt leaders of state; if they do take the fight, it is only to gain political mileage.

‘Towards a Better Goa’ would mean an effort of the people to not vote for our leaders because of the money and goodies that they give us. But because of the integrity and fortitude they display to do what is right for our state and our people. We cannot stop ‘Corruption’ by expecting the ‘Corrupt’ to change; we can only stop it, if we ourselves do the right thing by not being corrupt.

GoaChronicle.com today is known and appreciated because along the way we have had many unexpected supporters come forward to encourage us to do what is good for the people of Goa. And as long as there is injustice done to even one person in Goa, we will continue on our mission with courage…

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