Trade Unions, Farmers to protest against Modi government on May 23

To protest against four years of the Modi government rule at Centre, the Jan Ekta Jan Adhikar Andolan (JEJAA), on Friday announced that it will organise massive demonstrations in all state capitals and in the national Capital on May 23.

Jejaa, an umbrella body of more than 100 organisations including trade unions, farmers organisations, state and centre workers, bank-insurance employees, school-collage teachers, women-youth-student organisations, dalit-adivasi movments had organised many such agitations against the Modi government’s ‘pro-corporate’ economic policies and ‘atrocities unleashed by right wing organisations’, in the past.

Addressing mediapersons here, leaders of Jejaa, including Hannan Mollah, the general secretary of All India Kisan Sabha, which organised a massive farmers march from Pune to Mumbai recently, Atul Kumar Anjan alleged that the BJP government is destroying the social fabric of the society, challenging constitution, and overthrowing the democratic principles.

“The BJP and RSS have been unleashing terror by spreading caste and communal hatred and violence. The democratic institutions have been taken over by RSS caders. The law and order situations has become the worst ever in the BJP ruled states with mobs and gangs roaming free on streets lynching people and being protected by those who are in power”, they alleged.

The leaders added that the protest day will be the launch of series of struggles with the aim of making the government accountable for the ‘devastating impact of its policies and betraying the people’.

The campaign seeks to drive home the slogan, “either the government changes its policies or people will change the government”, they added.

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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