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Tragedy Hits Fomento Mines Yet Again

In 2002 one person died when the incessant rains caused the tailing slack wall to come down at Sociedade Fomento mine at Cuddegal in Sanvordem, yesterday the same incident repeated itself and the same mine wherein three people have been feared dead and seven injured; this sources at the site of the incident say may not be the exact number to the victims trapped in the debris, since the rescue operations are still under way.

At the moment rescue operations are on and police have cordoned off the road access to the incident site. Senior officials of the Sociedade Fomento including Audhut Timblo are reported to have visited the site. Neither the police nor the Deputy Collector of Quepem Agnelo Fernandes are confirming any details at this point.
Villagers in the area that  has spoken to lament that the Fomento owners would be working overtime to cover-up the seriousness of the incident since many believe that the government particulary the Chief Minister in Goa shares good office with Fomento owners.
The tailing stack wall which contains aluminum and silica impurities came down at 8.30 pm last night on account of incessant rains. The tailing slack has been stored for many years and occupies a considerable area, sources reveal. Since the government has not set-up any measures to dispose of this slack and neither have the mining companies bothered to work on this discard, it is reported that many such slack walls exist in most mines and the measure of security is considered to be quite negligible.
Many NGOs that have been constantly fighting for the people affected by the rampant mining in the state are raising serious question on whether the Congress –led government would take any serious action against the negligent company since this is not the first time such an incident has occurred with the same mining company in the same place. Or will matter be hushed up as many are speculating that the government will do.

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