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Tragedy strikes Goa’s first mall Caculo, 4 yr old girl dies

Touted as being Goa first mall – Caculo Mall – had its first tragedy when a four-year old girl Sharvari Hemant Kamat succumb to head injuries after a fall from a child toy apparatus at the play-zone area designated for children at the mall on Sunday.

While the management of Caculo have tried to control the news from reaching to media houses; on account of our sources at Chubby Cheeks School at St Inez Panjim – the school which the little girl went too – informed us that the children of the school were given a holiday on account of this untimely and tragic death.

According to their official spokesperson, the management stated that On Sunday at around 8.30 p.m., the staff of the mall noticed a girl child being carried by her guardian from the pathway of Level 3. And the staff promptly assisted the guardian in shifting her to a hospital through the shortest possible route, instantaneously. Upon thorough investigation, it is confirmed and clarified that there has been no accident or fall in the mall premises

The play zone area – a common area in most malls across the metros is an area where parents leave their children under supervision of the mall appointed personnel and wherein children get an opportunity to indulge in child-like activities with other children; while the parents went shopping around the mall.

However, the decision proved wrong for the Kamat family; as their four year old daughter fell face-down from her child-toy apparatus and endured a severe head injury that damaged her brain. Sources reveal that the incident happened on account of the faulty child-toy apparatus and lack of supervision of the mall designated employees. In fact hospital officials have told us that the girl was brought in a virtual coma state to the hospital on Sunday evening.

No police complaint has been registered yet by the family in this regard, even though sources in the police department have told us that some officers did visit the mall. As of now the police are making a case of death due to natural causes as they claimed the doctors told them that the girl was suffering from breathing problems.

The parents will not be registering a police complaint on this matter.



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