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Training for railway officers on labour laws


A three-day special training programme on Labour legislations pertaining to contract labour and outsourcing work was held for senior scale officer of the Indian Railway by Central Board for Workers Education at Farmagudi, Ponda.

While addressing the officers, Pramod Kant, Law Secretary, Government of Goa, said: “We are still in learning process on account of advancement of technology and computer age we have to increase our skills with development and therefore each and everyday we have to study more and more.”

He hoped that the workshop would help the officers perform their duties better and also give them sufficient experience and knowledge of the rapidly changing scenario.

Education Officer Aruna Wagh Chodankar said the training was particularly given to Railway officers as the railways do outsource a lot of work particularly the shops and establishments on the railway platforms besides the various restaurants and housekeeping tasks.

“Very often the Labour contractors do not adhere to the laws of the land and that is the reason why this workshop is organized to equip the officers to deal with such situations,” she said.

The workshop dealt with various aspects of contract labour laws of the country and now to ensure that they are adhered to particularly by getting their employers to follow the procedures like ESI registration, Provident Fund and also child labour.

Delegates from all over India like West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Delhi, etc. are participating in this workshop.


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