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Trawlers Block River Mandovi

Around 200 trawlers of members of the Mandovi Fisheries Marketing Co-operative Society on Wednesday morning blocked River Mandovi by anchoring the vessels in the middle of the river.
Mechanised fishing has suffered a major setback this year as labourers from other states who used to work on the vessels have not come to Goa this year. As a result many of the vessels remain anchored at the jetty as they cannot venture into the sea.
This has caused a space constraint due to which trawlers owners anchored their vessels in the middle of River Mandovi.

Ironically, the Fisheries Department was totally deserted with no senior officer willing to decide upon the matter as the Director is out of Station.
Although the Marine Police tried to prevail upon the trawler owners to shift their vessels, they were sent back with the trawler owners demanding that the floating casinos anchored in the river be removed first.
It may be recalled that floating casinos anchoring in River Mandovi has been a simmering issue that even resonated in the Goa Legislative Assembly with a demand that they be removed from the river and asked to operate in the sea.
The action of the trawler owners did not really cause much inconvenience given the fact that there is no barge movement in the river as mining activity is stopped during the monsoons.

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