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Tribals Protect Tigers: Mallya


Liquor baron and philanthropist Vijay Mallya said that creating tiger reserves is not the only way to conserve tigers.
Vijay Mallya, who is also a Rajya Sabha MP, said that tribals living within the Bilgiri Rangana Wildlife Sanctuary were protecting tigers in their own unique way and if the area was made a official tiger reserve, it may just upset the delicate balance they had preserved over centuries between man and the majestic beast.
“If the tribals are displaced, than there will be no protection for tigers in Bilgiri Rangana Wildlife Sanctuary, in my opinion.” Mallya said, adding that he had raised the issue in the Parliament recently.

Located in the Chamrajnagar district of Karnataka, the Bilgiri Rangana Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the protected forested areas that has been shortlisted as a tiger reserve by the Union Ministry for Environment and Forests (MoEF).
Mallya also said that forest tribes can exist along with tigers and there was no need to displace the former.
“The flip side is there are many adivasis living in this area who actually protect tigers and they say that if they are displaced then there will be no protection for the tiger, who would be exposed to poachers,” he said.


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