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Tripura CM accuses of violating vaccination norms

Agartala: Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb triggered a fresh controversy by bringing health workers to his official residence for administering Covid-19 vaccine to his mother violating the vaccine guideline and posting the photographs on social media yesterday.

The opposition CPI-M questioned if Prime Minister himself went to the hospital for taking Covid vaccine and urged all others to get vaccine only from the designated health establishment following the standard vaccine protocol being made by the experts, how Tripura CM called health staff to his house for vaccinating?

The party demanded clarification from Biplab Deb over the violation of vaccine protocol and asked to seek a public apology for such irresponsible acts insulting the people of the country.

The critically ill aged persons and physically challenged people have been waiting in the queue in hospitals despite a series of inconveniences and risk to get a vaccine but Chief Minister did a reverse for his mother, said former Loksabha MP and senior CPI-M leader Jitendra Chowdhury.

“Avoiding hospital is not a credit or prestigious act even for the most powerful man because bringing hospital facilities to home has multiple health hazards. Moreover, when Chief Minister himself posted the photograph of an illegal act in social media, naturally it encouraged commoners to violate the protocol, which would not only be chaotic but also created pressure on health workers,” Chowdhury said.

Besides, Congress several civil society organisations have criticised Deb and sought his statement on it.

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