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Tripura police releases 3 Nigerian youths mysteriously

Agartala: Tripura police have been accused of releasing three Nigerian citizens at Assam border yesterday in a mysterious circumstance. However, Assam police have detained them soon after they crossed the border for not having valid documents of travel and their inconsistent statements.
According to report, three Nigerian youths were dropped off by a Maruti van at Churaibari border and left. The villagers noticed that they were moving suspiciously around. Suspecting them, the villagers informed police and they were picked up but in the police station, they did not show any valid document of their travel. Allegedly, police released them after showing a Whatsapp message, which police claimed that it was the electronic version of their passport with visa stamp and added, “Although villagers suspected them involved in criminal activities or smuggling gang, we did not find any such clues, so they were released.”
After crossing the border, Assam police picked them up and took them to Bazarichhara police station and arrested Nigerian citizens identified as Binspal Sisuji, Karnataka Namanit and Olins Sibuji reportedly for their inconsistent statements and not possessing valid passports and visas.
Police said, they came to Tripura by a special train last week from Delhi but could not detail about their purpose of visiting the state during Covid pandemic and their stay in Tripura.

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