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Trump criticizes Biden for border crisis, policy toward China

Washington: Former US President Donald Trump has sharply criticized the administration of new President Joe Biden for the migrant crisis on the border with Mexico and the policy toward China.

The United States is experiencing the greatest influx of undocumented migrants in the past 20 years with reports of at least 15,000 unaccompanied children placed in US custody, and 5,000 of them held at Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities not designed for long-term housing.

“A tremendous number of children live at the top of each other, in squalor,” Trump told Fox News in an interview, describing that as a “horrible situation.”

The former president positively assessed his own border policy, stressing that about 500 miles of the fence along the border with Mexico had been constructed and Washington was tremendously cooperating with Mexico on limiting the influx of migrants.

Trump also said that the Biden Administration had allowed the Chinese delegation too much during the recent talks in Alaska, adding that he would have imposed additional tariffs on Beijing in case of such a manner of talks.


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