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Trump fans hold rival rallies in US capital

Washington: US President Donald Trump’s supporters and opponents held dueling rallies in Washington DC with mobile police units crisscrossing the city in an attempt to separate the parties.

The MAGA-march, the second one after the election, brought to the nation’s capital thousands of Americans who side with the Republican incumbent’s bid to overturn his defeat to the Democratic rival Joe Biden.

“Yes, sir. He (Trump) is the reason we are here because of what he has done, kept his promises, fought for the American people,” Albert from Pennsylvania says as he waves a star-spangled banner in front of the Trump Hotel.

Albert admits that he feels “betrayed” by the US Supreme Court which on Friday rejected a lawsuit to disqualify scale tipping votes in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, a major blow to Trump’s hopes ahead the Electoral College meeting on Friday.

“I feel betrayed that they wouldn’t step up for a law. I can understand that they are afraid, but so many of us are here today to show that we won’t be silenced and we won’t back down,” Albert says.

Dozens of Proud Boys, arguably the most belligerent of Trump’s supporters, spearheaded the march which derives its name from Make America Great Again – the motto of the incumbent presidency.

Easily recognizable in golden-black outfit and protective gear, some Proud Boys sought a face-to-face confrontation with anti-Trump activists from Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements, also known for their violent behavior.

DC police has so far been successful in preventing street brawls by cordoning off the anti-Trump rally in front of the White House. Law-enforcement officers, some on bikes for extra mobility, don’t allow anyone, including reporters, inside the area.

The first MAGA-march held in the capital a month ago resulted in numerous altercations and at least 20 arrests.

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