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Trump reiterated unproven claims for Voter Fraud without Evidence

Washington: US President, Donald Trump once again on Thursday reiterated his unproven claims that there has been widespread voter fraud marring the US presidential election, which remains on the razor’s edge as ballot counting continues in several key states.

During his White House address on Thursday evening, Trump struck a typically defiant tone, accusing pollsters of interfering in the election process and Democrats of engaging in fraud, a claim that he has made throughout the week, yet has not produced a single evidence to back it up.

People across the country continue to wait for a winner in what has turned out to be the most divisive Presidential Election in the history of the United States, which has seen historic voter turnout.

According to various projections Trump currently has 214 electoral votes, as compared with 264 electoral votes for Biden, making it an increasingly uphill task for the incumbent to get a second term in the White House.

The Trump campaign has filed several lawsuits demanding a suspension of the ballot counting in several states that are key to winning the White House, while also signalling its intent to demand a recount in Wisconsin.

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