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Trump threatens ‘snapback’ of UN sanctions against Iran

Washington: US President Donald Trump said on Sunday that he intends to trigger a “snapback” of international sanctions against Iran at the United Nations, despite abandoning the deal two years ago.

Trump also dismissed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s call for a summit of world leaders to discuss the Iran issue and the rising tensions and said that he will not be participating in any such summit, Al Jazeera reported.
“We’ll be doing a snapback,” Trump told reporters, a day after the UN Security Council rejected a US bid to extend a UN arms embargo on Iran.

The United States has threatened to trigger a return of all UN sanctions on Iran using a provision in a 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, known as snapback, even though Trump abandoned the accord in 2018.

Diplomats have warned that the US could face a tough, messy battle if Trump goes ahead with any such move and possible a big loss for US’ position in the world.

In the Security Council vote on Saturday, Russia and China opposed any extension to the weapons ban, which is due to expire in October.

Eleven members, including France, Germany and the UK abstained, while the US and the Dominican Republic were the only “yes” votes.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani hailed the UNSC vote and said that the US not only faced a humiliating defeat but has also been isolated internationally.

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