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Tulshi Lagn celebrated at St. George Island

The fishing community staking its claim over the St. George Island off Baina coast which is sought to be acquired by the Indian Navy, celebrated tulshi lagn and also offered prayers at the cross on the island. Large number of fishermen from Vasco, Bogmalo and even Calangute came to the island in their traditional canoes.
The fishing community members had decorated their canoes for the occasion and after offering their prayers, some visited the lighthouse situated on the island while most others relaxed on the small beach on the island.

The Tulshi was reconstructed at its present site after the original one which was closer to the shore was damaged in a storm about 30 years ago, disclosed one of the fisherman.
The fishing community fears that the Indian Navy will deny them access to these islands just as it has done with the Anjediv Islands which were gifted by the Goa Government to the Indian Navy.


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