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Turkey a Jihadist Travel Agency: Greek Foreign Minister

Athens: Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias has described Turkey a as a “jihadist travel agency” and charged that Ankara’s policies undermine regional security.

After a trilateral meeting between himself, Cypriot Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulidis and their Jordanian counterpart, Ayman Safadi, in Amman, he praised cooperation between the three countries and said they all share the same values — “peace, stability and International Law.”

He however was not as appreciative of Turkey’s policies

“Turkey acts in exactly the opposite way, outside the bounds of international legality, and having become, unfortunately, the local troublemaker. Threatening to use force- it has threatened to declare war against Greece, if Greece really acts on what is its sovereign right, expanding its territorial waters to 12 nautical miles. By instrumentalising the migration issue, by spreading propaganda and fake news, by exacerbating security challenges, by moving jihadists from Libya to the Caucasus – what I call a ‘jihadist travel agency’ – and endangering peace and stability in all the region,” Dendias said during a briefing.

The Greek minister added that Ankara’s behavior is “unacceptable,” and Athens often calls on its neighbor to engage in dialog with all “law-abiding” countries.

Turkey and Azerbaijan have repeatedly denied allegations that Ankara was sending Syrian mercenaries to fight for Baku during the recent six-week Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Armenia had accused Turkey of transporting Syrian mercenaries to fight against it during its conflict with Azerbaijan.

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