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Twitter adds banner on its platform to debunk US election misinformation

Washington: The social media giant Twitter said in a statement on Monday that it has added a banner on its platform to debunk any misinformation related to the US presidential election.

“Election 2020 is unlike any other in US history,” the statement said. “With so many more people voting by mail and potentially delayed results, starting today, we’ll show you prompt in your Home timeline and Search to help you stay informed on these critical topics.”

This year, Twitter has blocked or limited any alleged misinformation related to the upcoming presidential election, including issues surrounding mail-in voter fraud or statements that incite violence.

President Donald Trump has had several of his messages on Twitter were flagged over information he put out regarding mail-in voter fraud and other issues. Trump has also criticized Twitter and other social media platforms for censoring articles and other information that are critical of his rival Joe Biden.

More than 60 million Americans have cast early ballots in the US presidential election scheduled for November 3. Of those, more than 40 million votes were cast via mail-in ballots and nearly 20 million votes were cast in person, according to the US Elections Project.

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