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Two Gangs Confess to Thefts

Margao Police on claim to have solved around 10 theft cases reported in the commercial capital since the beginning of the month following the arrest of two separate gangs that were operating in the area.
Police Inspector Santosh Dessai announced that one gang was actually based in Panjim, but following the close watch kept by the Panjim police on them, they had begun operations in Margao.

This eight member gang has confessed to the 10 theft cases in Margao, he said while revealing three of their names as Anton Pillai, Radhu and Chetan Chari.
Margao police were also successful to arrest another gang red handed as they were trying to break into a shop near Cine Vishant at Aquem and recovered implements used to bend shutters from them.
The Police Inspector however ruled out the possibility of these gangs involvement in the temple thefts that have rocked the State recently.

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