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Two members of Chechen community detained in France over Dijon unrest in June

Moscow: French police have detained two men from the local Chechen community who are suspected of being involved in the clashes in the French eastern city of Dijon which occurred in June, Dijon prosecutor Eric Mathais said.

The unrest in Dijon broke out on June 12, when a group of Chechen immigrants gathered in the city to take revenge on local Maghreb community members over an attack on a Chechen teenager. Violence between the two communities lasted for four days and resulted in numerous detentions and arrests by police.

“Two people from the so-called “Chechen” community were arrested on September 15 and 16, 2020,” the statement from the prosecutor of Dijon read late Thursday.
It added that one of the detainees was the resident of Nice, while the other was from the Dole commune. The detainees are currently in police custody pending trial.

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