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UGDP announces its candidates in Cuncolim, Quepem


The United Goans Democratic Party (UGDP), announced the chairperson of Quepem Municipal Council, Manuel Colaco, as its Quepem candidate while ex-seafarer, Branny Fernandes was declared as a candidate from Cuncolim.

“Colaco has been in politics at the Panchayat and municipality level and has remained unbeaten in nine elections over thirty years. Colaco will fight the mining mafia and mining menace this assembly polls and is the best opposition candidate with a clean slate that Quepem can ever get,” said advocate, Radharao Gracias, former MLA and UGDP general secretary.

Replying to query as to whether the Goa Vikas Party (GVP) was consulted before making this announcement since the UGDP is having an alliance with it, Anacleto Viegas, general secretary of UGDP, pointed out that, the alliance is a soft alliance and that all declarations are being made in talks with GVP, including candidate for the Cortalim constituency where both the parties are still in talks.

“The UGDP as a party has a huge hold in Cortalim and not Matanhy alone,” he added. While Manuel Colaco and Branny Fernandes officially joined the UGDP, along with their supporters, on Tuesday morning; they have pledged to unite regional forces for a change.

Branny Fernandes, who is the compromise candidate, along with the UGDP general secretary, Dr Jorson Fernandes, stated that he will raise the issue of an expensive NUSI Wockhart Hospital that was originally meant for the seafarers and the football ground at Cuncolim which the locals are not allowed to use while Churchill Alemao’s team alone practices there.


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