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UK Govt Issues Travel Advisory for Goa

In what could be considered to be a serious dent in the tourism image of India’s most talked-about tourism destination – Goa, the United Kingdom has issued a travel advisory for British tourists visiting Goa.

Citing incidents of assaults on tourists namely women, robberies, drug induced abuse cases, lack of proper security measures and even incidents of stray dog bites to tourists and residents, the UK government have strongly advised its citizens travelling to Goa to be cautious especially during travelling during the night times, avoid mingling with strangers and to travel in a group (especially women).

Of the international tourist arrivals in Goa, travellers from UK have over the years increased and is considered to be one of the most sort tourists. UK issuing a travel advisory of this nature is startling and its resultant effect on other European tourists from Poland, Denmark, Germany and France could have a negative impact on the international tourism inflow into the state, since UK tourists normally set the precursor to trends in visits to Goa and India.

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