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Ukrainian Parliament asks US Congress to continue sanctions policy against Nord Stream 2

Kiev: Ukrainian parliament speaker Dmytro Razumkov asked the US Congress to continue the sanctions policy that would prevent the successful completion of the Nord Stream 2 project for carrying Russian gas to Europe, as he believes it threatens the European energy security.

Razumkov’s letter to US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi was published on the Ukrainian parliament’s website on Thursday.

“I ask the US Congress to consistently continue the policy of sanctions that would prevent the completion and commissioning of the Nord Stream 2, and, if necessary, to consider the possibility of introducing additional enhanced sanctions against legal entities and individuals involved in the Nord Stream 2 construction,” Razumkov said in the letter.

The Ukrainian politician also called on the US Congress to refrain from approving any agreements that would threaten the European energy security and jeopardize national interests of Ukraine and the United States. Razumkov qualifies the Nord Stream 2 as a geopolitical project aimed at “establishing European countries’ energy dependence on the Russian Federation’s monopoly on gas.”

“Nord Stream 2 runs counter to requirements of the EU Third Energy Package and strengthens Russia’s ability to abuse its dominant position in the European energy market,” Razumkov continued.

According to the diplomat, Nord Stream 2 is part of “Russia’s aggressive policy against Ukraine and the entire Western world.”

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