UN Report on Human Trafficking India – Goa Focus

Goa is slowly gaining notoriety for being a destination for human trafficking. GoaChronicle.com highlights a United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) report with a focus on Goa…

Goa being a tourist destination has emerged as a destination area for trafficking in persons. Brothel based prostitution was stopped with the demolition of Baina beach brothel houses in 2004. Since then the prostitution related activities have extended across the city and are operating in the guise of beauty parlors, spa, escort services, friendship clubs and also though internet services. T

The demand for sex services by the tourists has led to an upsurge of trafficking rackets operating in the state. The victims today are being procured from across the country.

As per data by NGO ARZ an anti trafficking organization based in Goa, a total of 179 victims were rescued in the last three years (2009-12). Out of these, 146 victims were of Indian origin and 33 were foreigners. Among the foreign victims, 27 were from Nepal, 4 from Bangladesh and 2 from Russia. From among Indian states, the highest number of 39 girls came from Mumbai, 31 from Manipur, 16 from Goa and 14 from Andhra Pradesh. The breakup of other states was Manipur (31), Goa (16), Andhra Pradesh (14), West Bengal (09), Nagaland (08), Karnataka (07), Maharashtra and Assam (5 each) and Mizoram (4).

In 2010, 11 girls from the North East were rescued in Goa. They were lured to Goa with a promise to teach them skills in order to get a job. They had been brought by agents and traffickers and forced into the sex trade. Of the 11 victims, 6 belonged to Nagaland, 3 from Mizoram and the rest from Belgaum. In a similar incident, Mizoram police had rescued 10 girls and arrested 13 people, who wanted to send them to Goa.

Sex work and trafficking has also been reported among the Lamani tribals, a migrating community from Karnataka and Maharashtra who are regular visitors to Goa. The children of the Lamanis are the high-risk group who fall into the trap set by the tourism trade in Goa. These children are sometimes not accompanied by their parents but come to Goa along with relatives or with some close neighbours in search of employment in order to escape poverty and hunger. Here they are exploited and pushed into the sex trade.

The Russian mafia in Goa is not only involved in real estate deals and drug trade but has also extended their tentacles into the flourishing flesh trade. Young Russian, Yugoslavian and Romanian girls, sometimes minors, are being trafficked into Goa for commercial sexual exploitation.

Business conferences and commercial events have emerged as a new front for flesh trade, with girls from various states being trafficked for these events in Goa. This is a new phenomenon in which girls are recruited through event management agencies by the companies holding their conferences in Goa. Several victims from Andhra Pradesh were rescued by police from Anjuna when they were brought by an Andhra Pradesh-based fertilizer firm for their conference in Goa. The conference was to entertain the distributors.


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