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UN-sponsored Libyan talks in Geneva end with no results – UN Assistant Secretary-General

Geneva: The UN-sponsored meeting of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) in Geneva has ended with no reached agreement, UN Assistant Secretary-General Raisedon Zenenga said.

The talks started on Monday and came to a deadlock by Thursday. In an attempt, to overcome the differences, participants of the negotiations formed a special committee to discuss constitutional initiatives, which would be further subject to discussions among all members of the Political Dialogue Forum.

“The committee has just reported that it has not succeeded in reaching an agreement. It is regrettable that, despite all the opportunities, there is still no common ground. The people of Libya will certainly feel let down as they still aspire to the opportunity to exercise their democratic rights in presidential and parliamentary elections on 24 December. This does not bode well for the credibility and relevance of the LPDF,” Zenenga said on late Friday.

He added that the United Nations would continue to support the political process in Libya but stressed that the consensus must be reached by the Libyans themselves.

Libya, which has been engulfed in instability and civil conflicts since the overthrow of long-time leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, is set to hold both the presidential and parliamentary elections on December 24.

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