Unexplored destination ‘Bhim Waterfall’ of Ramban’s Sanasar wooing nature lovers

Sanasar (Udhampur): Jammu and Kashmir–“The Heaven on Earth” has so many untouched destinations and one of the recently explored by a group of travellers is ‘Bhim Waterfall’ which is located in the lush green woods of Sanasar in the scenic Ramban district of this Union Territory.

Located some 2-kms from the main meadows of Sanasar, ‘Bhim Waterfall’ is an untouched destination by the tourists despite many visiting to Sanasar but are not aware about this lively place with greenery, waterfall and meadows refreshing the nature lovers.

Sharing details with UNI, traveller, trekker, blogger and nature lover, Parul Jasrotia says, “the place was suggested by one of the travellers, Ashish Katoch–a hotelier at Sanasar.”

“Though it is unexplored but still we do not want it to make much explored so that it can be prevented from rush of tourists and litter can be avoided”, she said.

“If anybody, especially the nature lovers want to explore this place and feel this picturesque destination, they can go to this place but at the same time, preserve it by not littering around”, said the trekker.

The nature lover said that it is a beautiful destination and they want to keep it preserved and prevent from unwanted rush otherwise it will lose its ‘sheen’.

“The originality of ‘Bhim Waterfall’ is peace, which we are missing with urban civilisation”, said Jasrotia.

She however, said that throughout her travelling and trekking, she has come across many such untouched destinations, which can be utilised as natural therapy to nature lovers but not to nature exploiters.

Pertinently, Sanasar also has beautiful Tulip Gardens, which are in full bloom in the months of March-April.


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