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Unique Way of Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti

Keeping in mind Mahatma Gandhi’s “cleanliness is next to Godliness” mantra, Anthony D’Silva from Ambelim held an unique programme in Margao involving students to educate the people about the plastic menace.

Students St. Xavier’s High School, Velim, St. Mary’s High School, Chinchinim, Mount Mary of Angels, Chinchinim, St. Anthony’s High School, Assolna, Regina Martyrum High School, Assolna, St. Rock’s High School, Tolleacanto and Posh, Colmorod Navelim along with representatives of the Village Panchayats of Velim, Assolna, Chinchinim and Dramapur-Sirlim first gathered in front of Grace Church.

Parish Priest of Grace Church Fr. Cleto Pereira addressed the students and the adults and blessed their efforts after which they all sat in groups on the sit-outs around the Margao Municipal Council garden holding placards with messages of how plastic is destroying the environment.

“Rather than asking people to avoid using plastic because that is impossible, we want to urge them to reduce the use of plastic and more importantly we want to demand that every village be provided with a plastic recycling plant to take care of the plastic waste,” said Anthony D’Silva speaking to Goa Chronicle.

A robotic man was created by using discarded plastic bottles to drive home the point of plastic killing mankind and the students remained in Margao till 12:30 noon after which they went back home.


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