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Unite or Divide…

The covert manipulations of the BJP to ensure that their Cortalim candidate Alina Saldanha wins unopposed should be looked at in admiration. I say this not because I support the BJP but because being an avid follower of political strategies it was certainly a masterstroke. Of course nobody in the BJP is ever going to admit it.

The reason why they have been striking at the Congress with effective ease is very simple – the BJP is a United house
under the leadership of one leader, unlike the Congress which is a Divided house under no leadership, even though they claim to have many leaders.

The local Congress leaders and High command representatives for Goa in their tussle between each other, leave gapping holes for the rival camp to see through their weakness and strike. But more importantly these leaders still continue to come from the school of thought, that their strategies will suddenly allure the people of Goa towards them. And that is ridiculous because BJP has got the people’s mandate by out maneuvering the Congress party on all fronts in the recently concluded Assembly Elections. Secondly, their performance over the last couple of months has not been bad and neither has it been spectacular; some sections have questioned decisions on RP 2021, Casinos and as GC we continue to question the way forward on Mopa Airport; but the people of Goa are willing to wait, watch and then assess the performance of the BJP government.

The sudden step to expel Raymond De Sa for withdrawing was expected. But that is hardly solving the bigger betrayal that members of the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC), some MLAs and even certain senior leaders of the Congress party in Delhi. These leaders for their own selfish motives have been digging the Congress grave for the last five years and their rants in different sections in media, indicate that most do not care about the Congress party.

So if Raymond De Sa is expelled. Then Mauvin Godinho too has to be taken to task, since AICC sources say that it was on his strong recommendation that De Sa got the ticket. Then why did Godinho not come out in support of De Sa and post the withdrawal, what was the need to make statements stating that he did not want to be a part of any exercise of toppling the BJP government. Such inside games have made the Congress party a laughing stock. Adding more masala has been the tirades of another Congressman Churchill Alemao.

The Congress High command has lost the plot in Goa. It needs to either shape up or ship out of Goa.

As for BJP and Parrikar, they have identified the weakness of the Congress and its leaders well; and are hitting them where it hurts and also damages. Most of all in simple words they are not bothered about the Congress antics, since they are of the opinion that on their own they would self-destruct with a little push. Parrikar prefers to focus on governance, while letting political games solve on their own with proper planning and execution by his team. And we cannot deny the fact that he has dirt on almost all the Congress leaders and other such politicians, which could be used as a sword over their heads at some point. Nothing wrong on that, sometimes to clean the dirt, you have to play smartly even though it might be considered to be dirty.

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