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Unraveling the Bhainsa Story

On the night of 7th March, the Bhainsa town of Telangana witnessed another round of violence and riots between the Hindus and Muslims of the town. We have already discovered that the Muslims of Bhainsa, backed by the AIMIM at the local and TRS at the state level, have been persecuting the Hindus of the town for a long time now.

Earlier, the town saw riots between the two communities in January 2020. Another grotesque incident from 2008 had come to the fore while we talked to people on ground wherein a Hindu was forcibly taken inside the mosque at Bhainsa and was hacked to death and his body thrown out. Killings, violence, arson, petrol bombs, vile abuses and insults are part and parcel of the Hindus’ lives at Bhainsa.

On the night of 7th March, four journalists had reached the affected area and were reporting the ghastly incidents. They were grievously injured and fought a battle with death itself. To know and fathom what the plight of the victims must have been, we talked to Pawan, the younger brother of Vijay who is one of the journalists who was gravely injured while covering the Bhainsa riots. Vijay is associated with Raj News.

When we asked Pawan about what had transpired on the 7th of March and what exactly did Vijay had to go through, he said, “We belong to Bhainsa itself. On the 7th of March, my elder brother had gone on the spot to report the happenings during the riots. After recording a few important clips, he reached the spot where he had parked his two- wheeler and he was startled to see that his vehicle had been set on fire. Seeing the situation, he began trying to control the fire. While he was busy doing so, 5-6 men came rushing towards him and stabbed him in the stomach.”

Pawan continued to give us a detailed picture of the incidents and said, “Those assailants were wearing face masks and therefore, we do not know who they were, but it is a surety that when my brother (Vijay) sees them, he will be able to identify the attackers. Although many rioters have been arrested by the police, those particular weapon- yielding men who stabbed my brother are still not nabbed because they are yet to be identified which can be done once Vijay is alright.”

Talking about the health condition of Vijay, Pawan mentioned, “My brother was stabbed in the stomach and it severely damaged his intestines at three different spots. He was operated upon and was in the ICU for 5 days at Yashoda Hospital, Secunderabad. Fortunately, he is doing fine now and was discharged 8 days ago is currently at our sister’s home at Secunderabad only. He is on a liquid diet; and the doctors have now asked us to give solid food to him.”

Pawan also narrated the ordeal of another innocent victim of violence, Deva Reddy who was in Bhainsa during the time of the riots although he does not belong to the town. He said, “Deva Reddy is a Hindu Vahini volunteer and was going on his way to return the cricket bat after playing a match. Suddenly, 15- 20 people encircled him and started beating him up. He had suffered with severe injuries on his head and his skull was damaged badly. Reddy is doing fine and was discharged from the hospital a few days back. He is currently at his aunt’s home.”

“There is still a strict curfew at a place from 6 AM to 5 PM in the evening in the town. And the curfew will continue to be imposed for quite a long time now,” said Pawan describing the current scenario at Bhainsa.

Pawan continued talking about the incidents which happened after Vijay was stabbed in cold blood and mentioned, “After he was attacked, a few boys brought him home and we called for the ambulance. But it was hapless that an ambulance was not available at that moment. After waiting for around 1 hour, we took Vijay to the local hospital at Bhainsa on a two- wheeler and then he was first taken to a hospital at Nizamabad in an ambulance and to the Yashoda hospital thereafter.”

Narrating the ordeal and the hardships faced by the Hindus at Bhainsa, Pawan let us know, “This is the 3rd riot in 15 months. The AIMIM backs the Muslim rioters every time they begin with the violence. And when the Hindu Vahini volunteers try to fight the Muslims back, they are tortured and are fixed in false cases. After all, will they sit back quietly even when the Muslims continue to persecute us Hindus?”

He further said, “The Muslims turn themselves into a murderous weapon-wielding mob of 150- 200 men in a jiffy and unleash brutalities on the Hindus; neither the police nor the TRS government pay heed to that fact. The Muslim rioters burnt police vehicles right in front of the police officer’s eyes. The Hindu Vahini members are constantly targeted. Whatever the background of the riots, they are implicated. We are a majority just in name. Many Hindus have escaped out of the village to save their lives.”

“People’s economic status has already been hit hard because of the lockdown and such frequent riots make it even more difficult to survive. How will people’s ventures prosper? Residents belonging to towns and villages nearby are frightened to enter Bhainsa! But the government does not let the reality come out to light. Journalists who try to report the incidents are fixed in false cases”, Vijay’s brother told us.

On the same note, he said, “The Muslims and the AIMIM want to control the affairs of the town. They want everything to go as per their whims and fancies. For them, whatever they do is the only correct. The TRS and AIMIM work in connivance. The AIMIM calls Muslims from Maharashtra and areas nearby then facilitates them to settle down at Bhainsa. They have usurped land and distributed them to these Muslim settlers. These Muslims have been provided with houses even on the hills enveloping the town. Limits were crossed when even the land of the Hindu cemetery was hijacked. 20-25 acres belonging to a temple were also snatched away. The AIMIM Vice- Chairman is one human- being but yields immense power which equals the influence held by many.”

At GoaChronicle, we are incessantly reaching out to as many people as possible so that they can narrate the pitfalls they live with and the truth comes out in the public domain- which is brushed under the carpet by the TRS and AIMIM.

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