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Unraveling the Corona Virus Origin Mystery with Dr. Lawrence Sellin

By: Savio Rodrigues / Sonakshi Datta

GoaChronicle Editor-in-Chief Savio Rodrigues recently interacted with Dr. Lawrence Sellin who is a COVID-19 subject matter expert and has been informing the world about the true nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and China’s role in it. He has had a phenomenal career in medical research and international IT and pharmaceutical industries. Dr. Sellin has also served the US Army Reserve for 29 long years, retiring as a Colonel. He is an Iran and Afghanistan veteran.

When asked whether the coronavirus, because of which the COVID-19 pandemic is rampant across the globe, a bio-weapon, Dr. Sellin said, “I can say at this point that the coronavirus was certainly created in a laboratory; it does not come from nature. And I can say it was developed within a Chinese bio-warfare program. Now, I think the only question remaining is whether it was released accidentally or deliberately; that is what we are focussing on now.”

Talking about the factors which made him conclude calling the coronavirus a bio-weapon, Dr. Lawrence let us know,

“Once you decide that a virus of this type was made in the laboratory, there is only one conclusion you can come to that it was a product of the bio-warfare program; because there is little evidence to indicate anything otherwise. So, once you decide that, you start looking at how it was made and who made it. And all the evidence that we have seen so far, points to the People’s Liberation Army being massively involved in all the pre-requisites or all the work leading up to this particular virus. And we have identified the locations, the people, and much of what they have been doing. All goes back to the People’s Liberation Army. So, that’s the conclusion I am reaching at this point.”

Since 1996, the Chinese Government has been working towards enhancing their abilities in bio-warfare. This can be proven by reading and analyzing some of the journals that came out or the books brought out by professors from different universities revolving around the topics of biotechnology or bio-warfare.

On being asked whether this could be the sowing of seeds for the global dominion China wanted, because it needed to have an advantage over the rest of the world, in particular the USA, Dr. Sellin replied, “It goes further back than the 1990s. It began after World War II, because the Japanese Imperial Army had a bio-warfare program in Manchuria. And when the People’s Liberation Army moved in, they essentially took over those facilities, and expanded from there. So, it is going on for a long time, but I think the important point you made is that approximately during the 1990s, genetic engineering was accelerating. And they saw an opportunity to create what they call genetic weapons, which are genetically modified; for example, viruses and bacteria.”

“They were beginning to document it in their military documents that this was one viable option either in a pre-war or warfare scenario, and all that information is actually out on the internet right now, in terms of what the People’s Liberation Army has been saying about the use of biological weapons. They specifically talk about conditions before and during a war. So, they look at it in both aspects”, continued Dr. Lawrence.

Dr. Sellin’s opinion on whether the Chinese and the PLA were using resources beyond China or if they received international help to enhance their genetic programs was, “They have got a lot of international help. In fact, much of it has come from the USA. If you look at the structure of China’s bio-warfare program, it occurs at three levels. The first or the core level is military and primarily secret. The second level includes China’s civilian and research institutes and universities. In China, there is no difference between military and civilian research. It is not only me who is saying that. The Chinese Communist Party doctrine of the 2016 five-year plan states that they would fuse civilian and military research. And from that level, they make contact internationally. China and its military have massively infiltrated US virus research programs. They have not only tapped into the knowledge and skills but also to some of the funding which has gone back to China and the PLA.”

On facing the question of how does the US deal with such a situation wherein the truth is coming out in the form of startling facts, telling us about these ties of US and China, the COVID-19 expert said, “The first step for the US and the world to take is to accept the fact that COVID-19 was made in a Chinese laboratory and is probably linked to China’s bio-warfare program. Also, from the standpoint of the US, there has been no national security accountability for a lot of the medical research funding, including not just the national institutes of health but also the department of defense- The Pentagon. We need to look carefully at where the money was going and how it was spent. And also investigate the Chinese researchers who have come into the US and see if they have been contributing in developing China’s virus research programs.”

When asked about the role of the WHO and its dereliction of duty, Dr. Sellin replied, “Yes, the WHO, in my opinion, is a disaster. It has covered up for China, right from the initial outbreak and its recent investigation. They say the virus has come from nature, which the propaganda of the CCP. The WHO is useless or perhaps even a dangerous organization and needs to be completely rebuilt or eliminated.”

Dr. Lawrence, when asked about his viewpoint over the world keeping quiet and China’s hold over countries, said, “I can’t speak for the world, but I can say something about the US, which is probably the reflection of the world. The US Government doesn’t work for the American people. It is beholden to globalize financial interests, and these interests are making a lot of money working with China. If the US challenges or investigates China, it will certainly rock the boat and jeopardize their financial interests. There is a lot of pressure from very powerful and wealthy people not to look into this. And on the scientific side, some people are guilty in helping China; maybe they didn’t intend to but ended up doing that.”

“If you look at the Indian situation, in particular, there is one very specific mutation which comes out of the insertion of something

into the virus- it is called the ‘furin cleavage site.’ There is not an evolutionary pathway for that to appear in COVID-19; it had to be inserted. We know that furin cleavage site increases infectivity and pathogenicity, and the Chinese scientists associated with the PLA know how to insert it into a virus.”

“If you look at the 4 amino acids of this site, it is the PRRA- standing for proline, arginine, arginine, alanine. The functionality of the furin cleavage site is in the arginine-arginine (RR), whereas the initial proline is structural. What has happened in the variant rampant in India is that the proline was replaced with another arginine. So instead of two arginines, you have three. It is fairly well documented that as you increase the number of arginines, you increase the functionality of the cleavage site and possibly make it more infectious than the earlier versions. So, that could be affecting India, coming directly from the artificial manipulation of a coronavirus”, Dr. explained the scientific basis of the Indian spread.

He then talked about what can be done as a global village, “First, we need to hold China accountable for creating this virus, and this has to be crystal clear to everyone and accepted by everyone. Secondly, we need to delve into the structure and organization of the Chinese bio-warfare program and expose it. Thirdly, we need to look at how China has manipulated international research connections, not only to benefit their own virus research programs but also how they aided the Chinese.”

On asked whether the vaccines are the real game of the pandemic, keeping in mind the financial aspect, the US Army veteran said, “This is one of the things which have made me angry. There has

been an over-emphasis on the vaccines and what is being neglected are the therapeutics- treating the disease early on its onset. For example, substances like hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin or vitamin-D or zinc, if used early into the disease, could have prevented many people from getting sicker, from being hospitalized, or even dying. Not only was the early treatment with therapeutics ignored, but it was also downplayed. The globe put its entire focus on vaccines. Of course, I believe in vaccines, but the problem with them is that the virus will mutate. Also, vaccines can trigger a number of their own problems, amid a pandemic. There is a chance that certain vaccines can become less effective due to ongoing mutations. I am afraid that a lot of vaccine production can be related to certain people’s financial interests.”

“Viruses will try to adjust to the immune system and try to avoid it. A lot of that has to do with the mutations that are occurring. That is, of course, the danger people point out about mass- vaccinations in the middle of a pandemic. You could create conditions where the virus is mutating more than you could expect it to. Trying to catch up, in terms of vaccines, becomes a problem when the virus is constantly mutating and the vaccines then becoming less effective”, he added.

Dr. Lawrence had tweeted about the PLA bringing the virus to the Wuhan lab. On asked about the procurement of the virus by the Chinese army and the existence of a global cartel that plays around with bio-weapons, he replied, “I haven’t looked into that very carefully. Yet, it is a well-known fact that China collaborates with countries like North Korea and Pakistan in terms of bio-warfare. But I haven’t looked into it in detail. What I can say is that early in 2019, a fully or nearly fully formed COVID-19 was sent from the People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theatre Command in Nanjing, its headquarters, to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, specifically for testing on non-human primates- monkeys. The leader of these tests was Chao Shan, who has a background in working with monkeys and transmitting viruses. As mentioned on the Wuhan Virology Institute website, his address is not where the new Wuhan Institute of Virology facility is. It is in the Wuchang district, which has turned out to be the epicenter of the initial phase of the pandemic. There is a Wuhan Institute of Virology facility there- a level 3 facility. Close to it is the Wuhan University which has a non-human primate facility for the last 15 years.

“Close by in the same area, is the PLA hospital. So, all the three centers could be related to where the pandemic started. If we go back to the PLA Eastern Theatre Command in Nanjing, it was that group of scientists which came out of that particular Command, which isolated the bat coronaviruses, which are called zc45 and zxc21. These are the same bat coronaviruses that Chinese whistleblower, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, has said to be the backbone of COVID-19”, Dr. Lawrence joined the dots.


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