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Unsung heroes of the Pandemic

While our country had to face yet another wave of Covid-19, it led to everyone stay at home once again. Staying at home has made life in a rut while going out is impossible and meaningless. While on one hand, people like us are confined to our homes, there are some people who are working day and night to fight this battle against Covid-19, all by themselves. The implications of this battle have been catastrophic to these people and their families. But the people and the Government recognize as the Frontline warriors of this Pandemic at least a few of them.

Our health-care officials, police, armed forces, home guards, disaster management volunteers, municipal workers, etc. are the recognized front-line warriors in this battle. These are undoubtedly the most important people of the nation right now. Having direct contact with Covid patients puts them at a higher risk of contracting the virus. But don’t you think our Government has left out one most important class of workers. This class is always in direct contact with the public and highly prone to infection, probably even more than the recognized officials. These are our ‘Delivery Boys’.

During the lockdown, if you moved out of the house for any necessity, you would know that it was our Delivery Bhaiya, who was out in the scorching sun and doing their job. What do they require from us in return? Merely a rating! These delivery boys have made our lives so much easier, which was not possible two years back. From groceries and food to medicines, they have been helping us to maintain our sedentary lifestyle.

We’re at home, cribbing about how we all are stuck at home, these Delivery boys are out there ensuring we have all our necessities while we sit at our couch and order. These people have to be in direct contact with the seller as well as the buyer. They are putting their lives at risk for the sake of the people of our nation-US. These under-resourced warriors, sadly do not get the same remuneration, bene, fits, and gratification from the public. The brave army of these delivery boys stands strong with bringing all possible resources for public use. Even a simple buy, like vegetables, does not require us to step out of our houses.

A few of these warriors even lost their lives in serving us, but our Government does not consider them equally important to compensate their families. It is very disheartening to see such diplomatic behaviour of our Government. India, being the fastest growing nation and highly infected with Covid-19, the Government should ensure the safety of every class of worker who is in this battle. Every Front-line warrior has to ensure the safety of their families, while these Delivery Boys are not even sure of their safety.

The sacrifice that they are making for the safety of humanity deserves lifelong gratitude from our end. We need to see the need to see for us and ensures that at least our behaviour towards them, does not make them regret their deeds. The minimum we could do for these warriors is offered a glass of water, give them a 5-star rating even if they did not climb 3 floors for you, and at least give them Rs. 30 tips on each delivery.

The Nation mustn’t be doing anything for them. The Government does not have funds; it seems but they have all the funds to build castles for themselves. In this hour of need, our Government must recognize these unsung heroes as Front-line Corona Warriors. At least when they work, they do not have to be worried about their families. The risk for anyone who steps out of the house is equal, why not give perks to the ones who are moving out because it is their job. The extra incentives given by the Apps of delivery boys are not enough, considering the impact of risk they take. So, next time you meet this warrior, say Thank You for making your life easier and risking their lives for Humanity.

Ria Dhawan,

Ria Dhawan is a practising lawyer with a reputed firm at Delhi. Apart from litigation, she is interested in International law and Cross Border Disputes. Her spectrum of interests include human rights, laws governing finance & banking. She is also interested in fashion industry and keeps updating to latest make up looks and fashion trends.

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