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UP ATS nab two Al-Qaeda terrorists

Uttar Pradesh ATS, in a big operation in Lucknow, claimed to have nabbed 2 terrorists of Al Qaeda, in Dubagga area of the state capital on Sunday.

ATS sources here said some foreign made weapons have also been recovered.

Operation was led by ATS IG GK Goswami, and his team , who were tracking these terrorists for the past one week.

Sources said connections of the captured terrorists with Al Qaeda and material of pressure cooker bombs were also recovered. Two manufactured pressure cooker bombs and a semi- manufactured one were recovered along with six to seven kilograms of explosives.

Some report also revealed about recovery of a hand grenade from the spot. Bomb squad was called on the spot to diffuse the explosives. Nearby houses were evacuated and ATS took the house under its siege.

The nabbed terrorists were identified as Minaz and Masuruddin. However, other sources said both arrested were trained Al-Qaeda- terrorists and their handler was a Pakistani national.

It also hinted that these terrorists were planning to attack some senior BJP leader of the state. One Omar al-Mandi is reported to be the handler of these terrorists, hailing from Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

ATS got clues of terrorists hiding in Lucknow after a small blast recently in Jammu and Kashmir. ATS has claimed some more terrorists may also be hiding on the spot. The terrorists had burnt something before the arrest, ATS said .

Jammu Police officers of Kashmir are also in touch with , IG ATS GK Goswami, who is leading the raid. The detailed information will be given in the evening .

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