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UP Cabinet clears tenancy ordinance, gives go-ahead to excise policy for 2021-22

Lucknow, Jan 9 (UNI) Uttar Pradesh cabinet on Friday night cleared the Uttar Pradesh Regulation of Urban Premises Tenancy Ordinance, 2021 which seeks to safeguard rights of both the property owner and the tenant and thus preventing a dispute between two parties.

The cabinet meeting was held through by circulation.

Official sources here on Saturday said that under the new law, a rent agreement is a must for a property to be given on rent.

A rent authority will be set up and any new rental agreement will have to be registered with it. The authority will issue a unique identification number and within seven days of receiving an agreement, will upload details of the tenant on its website. Details of tenants may not be shared with the authority if the duration of the tenancy is less than 12 months.

Under the new law, the house owner can only hike rent of 5 per cent annually for domestic usage and 7 per cent for commercial.

Not paying rent for 2 months will lead to eviction of the tenant while the tribunal will have to dispose of any dispute with 2 months time.

The tenant and the property owner will jointly decide the duration of the tenancy and any renewal of the agreement.

The points mentioned in the agreement will continue to be applicable to the successor of both the tenant and property owner in the case of death of one or both.

The new law lays down responsibilities of the property owner, increase in rent on renewal of the lease, details of the rent authority which will consider cases of dispute etc.

“Once this law is in place, there will be much more clarity in the agreement between the tenant and property owner and therefore, there will be no scope for petty disputes or at least, there will be much more clarity on several issues. For instance, the law will make it clear whose responsibility it will be for painting, paying maintenance, water, power bills etc,” said a government official.

In another important decision, the Yogi government approved the excise policy for 2021-22.

Under the new policy now all the retail liquor shops will have to use PoS machines to sell the bottles.

In another decision, the cabinet cleared the Industrial Development Authority PM Awas Yojana Implementation Policy under which the PMAY will now also be implemented in areas owed by development authorities. Under this, each project should have a minimum of 250 houses with at least 35 per cent of the land reserved for low-income housing.

The cabinet has decided to extend the benefits under the policy to MSMEs and start-ups investing in defence and aerospace sectors for the first time. The policy makes it imperative to use land allotted only for activities defined under the policy, failing which land allotment will stand cancelled. Any benefits like rebates and subsidies provided before cancellation of allotment will be settled against the bank guarantee.

The cabinet approved a proposal to provide free land for the development of a Nishad Raj Park in Shringverpur in Prayagraj district.

The park is being built in an area of 5,600 sq m at a cost of Rs 15 crore and is expected to be a huge tourist draw in the area.

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