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UP police issues direction for Lok Sabha poll preparations

Lucknow, Jan 19 (GCCurrentAffairs) With announcement of Lok Sabha elections expected in the first week of March and just around 45 days left, Uttar Pradesh police has geared up for the elections in 80 Lok Sabha seats.

The State Police headquarters here in Lucknow has issued a fresh direction to all the districts to abide by the rules of the Election Commission of India(ECI) on deployment and transfer of the police officers and other employees during the election period.

Though the state police had issued two guidelines to all the districts in January, but the third one issued on Friday night by Inspector General of Police ( Law and Order) Praveen Kumar, said that there would be a strict rule that no policemen would be deployed in his home district at any cost.

In his five point direction, the IG said transfer policy of the policemen including the officials would be strictly followed as per the guidelines of the Election Commission of India(ECI).

” Inspector and above officers, who have completed three years of their four year deployment in a district with a cut off date of May 31,2019, would be transferred out of the district,” the officer said.

In case of the sub-inspector , the same rule applies, with a rider that he should be transferred out of the sub-division and out of the present assembly segment. But if the district is small, then they would be transferred out of the district.

The letter also says that, the officers retiring in next six months time would not have to face these rules of the ECI and they would be exempted from the transfer. But in case, they are being deployed for the election duties , then a prior permission is required from the ECI.

This was the third letter of the police headquarters to SSPs/SPs of the district. Earlier similar letters were sent on January 10 and 16.

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