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Up scaling education system is the way ahead

Ranjitsinh Gaikwad works as a senior manager at IFB industries, Verna. He holds a BE in Electrical Engineering. In conversation with Susparsha Gaikwad, Reporter at Do you think we have much job opportunities in Goa?

Ranjitsinh:  Comparatively there are less job opportunities in Goa. Goa being a small state, industrial growth is also very slow. The employment policies formulated by the government are not favourable. Government needs to provide more and apt policies of employment. Working on improving the infrastructure is a need of an hour. How has COVID-19 impacted your life?

Ranjitsinh: Companies remained closed for nearly three months during the lockdown. After resumption, we faced salary deduction. This has been a major setback. As manufacturing industries cannot work from home we had to go to work even though the spread of Coronavirus was at its peak. People working in the industries have been facing a lot of psychological issues due to the fear of getting infected. In your opinion, is India heading in the right direction?

Ranjitsinh: India is moving ahead on terms of economy. But there are some problems like unemployment that require efforts from the state and central government to be addressed. What factors would you say pose as hurdles in India’s growth?

Ranjitsinh: Our country is faced with few problems that have been persistent for a long time now. One major factor I would say is the religious groups who are hell-bent on spreading hatred, and separatism in the society. Corruption is still predominant in the country. Schemes formulated by the government do not reach the needy. Another major threat to the Indian democracy I would say are the anti-national groups. They are extremely instrumental in spreading hatred about the nation among people. Even after 73 years of independence we still follow the British education system which needs to be changed. Our education system is not practical oriented it is theory oriented. What can be done to address the issues that India is facing today?

Ranjitsinh: I think working towards improving the education system in India would solve half of our problems. Emphasis needs to be laid on imparting practical knowledge. Youngsters need to be motivated towards entrepreneurship. We need an education system which would produce job providers and not job seekers. Courses that help to enhance entrepreneurship skills need to be inculcated in the curriculum. Corporate houses should step forward and guide students in setting up a business. Also, we need an education system which would focus on art & culture and sports. Development in all fields is necessary.

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